Step 1. Decide you want to be better at recording some of the little things in your life.

Step 2. After enrolling you will receive a text message within 24 hours.  (standard text messaging rates apply)

Save the number you receive the text from into your contacts as MYTEXTJOURNAL

Step 3. Text in your entries to MYTEXTJOURNAL whenever and as often as you like.

Some of our users have used MYTEXTJOURNAL to record some of the following things:

  • Chronicle your pregnancy or baby's first year
  • Record funny things your little ones say
  • Forward texts you have already sent to a friend or loved one so you don't lose them

Step 4. Decide how you want to have your journal entries sent back to you. 

Option 1:  Monthly PDF Download:

Every month you will receive an email link to purchase and download your month's worth of journal entries in a .pdf format for $2.50 (FIRST MONTH IS FREE)

Option 2: 50 page 6x6 book

Once you have enough entries to fill a 50 page 6x6 inch book you will receive an email link to purchase your printed journal for $10.00.

Option 3: Both PDF and Book!

Step 5. Purchase. Enjoy. Repeat again and again!




Please review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.   MyTextJournal LLC is for entertainment purposes only and should be used only as such.  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone